How can I become a moderator?

i need mod becuas modarato r ares cool and i want become a mod please ? ?

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The pathway to moderator is not easy by any means and takes certain levels of dedication to achieve. To do so, you must appeal to each of the members of the moderating council.

To appeal to myself, you must provide 18 reasons why the Boeing 737-MAX is superior to the Airbus A320NEO, and take a minimum of 4 flights in the MAX-8, and 3 flights in the MAX-9, of which 2 of these must be on Thursday Evenings out of Chicago O’Hare Aiport
To appeal to @Nightt, you must visit Las Vegas and take a picture of yourself from 3 different angles in front of the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign, then returning exactly 193 days later and taking 3 more pictures
To appeal to @Zach, you must explain in 1391 words exactly why both the Airbus A220 and Boeing 737-MAX are equally good aircraft, and hitting ‘The cycle’ in two consecutive baseball games
To appeal to @KGJT-9149 you must complete a Black Diamond Ski run followed by a Black Diamond Snowboard run in Colorado, all while performing an oil change on a Subaru Outback
To appeal to @Adrian_K, you must count how many times he said “And I Oops” since December 27th, 2020
To appeal to @CaptainZac you must obtain Jetblue Trueblue Mosaic over 3 consecutive years, and which 66% of qualifying flights must either originate or terminate at Fort Lauderdale Airport
And to appeal to @DeltaDev13 you must fly all Allegiant flights out of Grand Rapids over the course of 90 days, at each destination you must play at least 3 sets of Singles Tennis

Only after accomplishing all of this will you be placed on “the list” for some form of moderation of the forum.


I did this to become a moderator. True story.


Does it have to be ALLEGIANT?

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At least it’s not Spirit…


More like spit airlines.


He also believes that the A320neo is superior to the 737MAX. Good luck.


First off, thats not that hard lol

Booked the flight, I will leave next Tuesday.

Now here are my 18 reasons why the 737-MAX is better than the A320neo.

  1. The engines look way smoother and are just more satisfying
  2. Flies further than the A320neo
  3. Holds more passengers than the A320neo
  4. its a boeing aircraft
  5. Has better wingflex
  6. Longer wingspan
  7. Better cockpit and systems
  8. Better stopping preformance
  9. Longer fuselage
  10. Higher cruising altitude
  11. Its just better
  12. its better
  13. its not airbus
  14. LOT Polish Airlines operates it
  15. again, its better
  16. better cabin
  17. better sounds
  18. its better

You can spend $239 less by counting Adrian’s “And I Oopps”


13,145 times btw

I did this is 1390 words, is that acceptable?


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Don’t worry though, provided you fly every single destination in the PFVA route network and then explain why we are better than AlaskAir, I will put in a good word for regular!

Fair. But at least 1 in 4 flights must be in Mint and at least 2 roundtrips to London in Mint Studio.


Yes, yes it does


And “London” has to be London Heathrow, as Gatwick is located in Crawley, West Sussex, which is technically not within the boundaries of Greater London.


the final task is to listen to wlr by carti and give it a 10/10 ranking

spirit is better than allegiant lol

I’ve got one MAX 9 flight under my belt

gone a get my first max flight on Saturday. never been on an Neo yet tho

Me either for the neo

The MAX though does feel fresher than the NGs, in my experience so you could expect that

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