Happy New Year & WFC Rewind 2

All I could say is wow. Thank you so much. When I launched the World Flight Community (before our rebranding) i never expected us to be where we were. You guys are what made it happen and I am so thankful for you. In this topic we will be doing a fun game as well as the WFC December rewind.

WFC Rewind 2

With our New Year’s eve announcement, we will also be doing the rewind. So please join us as we do rewind number 2.

Best RWA Topic:

By @Blitz

Best Screenshots And Video’s Topic:

By @Z-Tube

Most Engaging Debate:

By @Canadian_Aviator

Rookie Of The Month: @Tunamkol

Moderator Of The Month:

This moderator has shown that he has been very responsible. Maybe not the most active moderator, but he has helped many people throughout his safeguarding journey. Many people have suffered through depression, he was always the first one there to write a long essay or paragraph to make sure people stay happy and positive so that’s why I am giving the moderator of the month to


Community Member Of The Month

This community member has seen a large increase in activity since the last month. He has constantly been on the forum trying to help people out, engaging with topics, and having fun. So for that reason, I am awarding the community member of the month to


A Brief WFC History

On October 15, we launched a forum on websitetoolbox.com called “World Flight Community.” On October 25, After countless hours, we migrated to the incredible Discourse. On November 19, we hit our 100th member.

Guess The Moderator - Game

We have come so far, and we are on track to hit 150 members very very soon. Without further ado, from all around the world, our moderators will wish you a very happy new year. And we are going to make this a little bit of a game. I am going to be sending out paragraphs that our moderators wrote but I’m not going tell you who wrote them. It’s your job to see how well you know our moderators and find out the order. In order for your guest to be valid, you must use this form. Whoever can guess the correct order will win a free WFC sticker. Use this form to guess! Good luck!

Hello guys, greetings from Brazil! I hope you all have a happy new year, wherever in the world you are! I know 2020 has been very though for eveyone, with the pandemic and every other news. Let’s all hope 2021 will be better! Have a good one!

There’s no doubt that 2020 was a horrible year. Kobe Bryant’s tragic passing, the COVID-19 pandemic, and so much more all played a factor. However, as 2021 approaches, let’s remind ourselves that the New Year is like a blank book, and the pen is in your hands. It is your chance to write your story; make the best of it. Happy New Year, WFC! :partying_face:

2020 has been one of the most painful years in decades. As we begin the new year we start fresh and throw away the bad stuff from the past year. I hope that everyday we get closer and closer to end of that tunnel. I look forward to working with all of you guys here on the WFC and continue to grow such a great community. Have a safe happy new year everyone.

2020 is on its end (for me it already has), so I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Safe New Year. I hope that 2021 is the year you all wished for in relation to the tough time in 2020. Thank you all for being part of WFC and supporting us always. Now lets count down to 2021 for the places still left!

Happy new year everybody. The WFC has been amazing to me so far. Everyone is nice and I have made lots of friends. Every time I log on I always have lots of messages that I am reading wether it’s public or private. In 2021 my bug resolution is to always no matter what be positive. 2020 was much to negative. I can’t wait to see what surprises 2021 has in store for us. Who knows. Maybe cases will start to drop dramatically and we can all go back to our normal lives.

Hey WFC, happy new year! While 2020 may not have been the best year in recent times, here’s hoping that 2021 brings good things. Thanks for entrusting me and other mods with this website!

With that, I will leave you guys to your guessing and I wish everyone a happy happy happy new year and enjoy 2021. Hopefully, it will be much better than 2020!

Form to guess: https://community.worldflying.org/w/which-mod-is-which


Ayyyyy Rookie of the month :joy: Thank youuuu!


Alright that’s gab

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Oh and just so you all know for the game, for the record I am not in it if that helps you

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Are mods allowed to guess?

Amazing topic @CaptainZac


Also, in order to guess, in order to keep the answer secret, please use the form link below to guess.

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Ah man. Can I whisper my guesses?

Sure, go ahead

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lol never thought that Dark Mode vs Light Mode would be such a big debate.

Great rewind Zac! Cant wait to see what 2021 holds for the WFC!


Why thank you! I was not expecting this
And to everyone on the community.

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Thanks for a a great community, platform and and the people here. In all honesty, the community here has gotten me through some tough times and I’m grateful for it.

Also, congrats to @Tunamkol, @ToasterStroodie, @Aviation2929, @Canadian_Aviator, @Blitz and @Z-Tube


Just to add on:

I am very thankful to all members for their amazing contributions to this forum. We hope that you enjoy the journey we have planned ahead. I also wanted to take this time and thank our boss @CaptainZac. He has founded this forum through his hardwork and dedication and look where we stand today. His work, contribution and efforts are countless and a simple thank you won’t be enough. We appreciate everything you have done Zac and we look forward to help you in this. Lastly, my warm thanks to all amazing staff of WFC! You guys are the best!

Kind Regards,

All Hail Blackpink


Happy new year to everyone on the east coast

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I totally forgot about the answers. I’m stupid so sorry. Anyway, here ya go… no one got it

  1. @GBKarp
  2. @Z-Tube
  3. @CPT_HILD
  4. @Adrian_K
  5. @Zhopkins
  6. @ToasterStroodie
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My Goodness LMAO