Giveaway! Win Free Cockpit Posters

(To all mods that see this, I had permission from Zack)

Hello WFC community! Are you interested in some free aviation posters! Such as E175 cockpit poster.

How to enter for chance to win:

.Make sure you have instagram!
.Click the link below to see the Giveaway post and follow the steps listed there.
.Login • Instagram

More Information

Name picking on June 20th (may change)
Winners will receive DM on instagram
I will ship it to you free of charge

Best of luck!




Yea, I’ve always added that K to the end

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Yeah, @Z-Tube is Zack. I’m Zac lol.



how da-

What happened to him?

he left

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Oh, ok I remember that, I read it.

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I think he’s still on IFC.

Nice. No idea how to ship it though if I win it. :woozy_face: (I doubt I will even if I tried but eh)

Wdym, I said I ship it to you.

Yea ik although it’s kinda complicated but okay.

(And shipping it directly to my adress is like $50 :skull:)

Why is that? I can fit the poster in a small envelope that doesn’t cost much.

So, no one wants to be apart of a giveaway??

You’re clickbaiting!

No, I actually own these posters, and I’m giving them away.

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