Flight Radar Findings

I also just noticed at one point we were doing a -3600 FPM descent💀


Was it by any chance a continuous descent approach? (I know that’s pretty rare in the congested London airspace.)

FLL-LAX taking over!

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There are an awful small amount of United flights flying rn compared to the same time yesterday

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  • Why is it pained in the AA livery?
    (Yes, I know it’s SkyWest and they operate for multiple airlines, but why didn’t they just repaint it first?Or, is it repainted, but there’s just no new photo of it yet?)

  • What is the name of that city. Please. Someone pronounce that.

  • Why is the Airlines listed as American and the Flight listed as an Alaska flight?

Just… no


You can post three of these same pics and post them as a different aircraft

hong kong perks

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I tried it and found out that it was surprisingly easy to pronounce.

This, I cannot explain. It’s probably another of those little quirks and mistakes of FR24.


Basically the first A220 had a tech issue, so they switched it to an A320 and I have no damn clue where the second A220 is coming from.


As you can see here a big storm is coming so the delta a321 chose to do something called a rigged downwind


Cough cough their is something called GOOGLE TRANSLATE

@KTJ_Mitchell It’s been forever since there was a Max 9 here

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For some reason a tui 787 meant for you diverted to Bermuda m? U know why?