its something else

why would the bcc pay a fine if they r still banned, makes no sense


blud still aint answer the question lol, makes no sense and u not explaining, u expect me to change my actions without helping at all

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can i reregister

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search “bbc controversy” on google

I do not think bbc news really cares lol as only the documentary itself was banned not the company. also after reading id highly doubt that they would pay a fine to the government, they don’t care lol, their company is kept alive by the government.

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custom 16 coach version

BBC banned in game
not irl

if you can ban the bcc I can rig the united states election and put carti as president. replacing the national anthem With Vamp anthem

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i’d rather you not

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i run india in game you dumba$$

you are not even supposed to be here in the first place