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im opening destroy lonely express airlines. a subsidiary of opium airlines inc

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Metro train car procurements :
630 Siemens-Citrus Inspiro coaches for Delhi Metro standard gauge lines
150 Alstom Metropolis coaches for Mumbai Metro Line 1
210 Stadler metro coaches for Kolkata Metro Line 5
140 ICF Type 4000 coaches for Delhi Metro broad gauge lines
320 BEML 750v DC third rail metro coaches for Bangalore Namma Metro Green and Purple lines
100 Alstom Movia coaches for Chennai Metro line 1 and 2

Suburban train procurement :
80 Citrus IR130 12 coach trains for Chennai Suburban Rail
60 Siemens Desiro ML broad gauge trains for Chennai MRTS
140 ICF Type 2400 15 coach trains for Mumbai Suburban Rail

Bengaluru Kempegowda International Airport’s Terminal 2 is ready to support domestic flight operations. It will be opened on 30th November, 2022.
The construction of Chennai International Airport’s Terminal 5 has begun at a site near Kolapakkam.
The Bengaluru Metro Airport Express (Blue line) has successfully been certified for commercial use. It is underground from the Airport till Hoskote, at grade for 5km and then elevated till KSR Bengaluru.
More than 50km of border roads have been built on the Indo-Tibet border.
Construction of the first phase of the Virar-Alibaug Multimodal corridor has started.

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IR Train types


a. Rajdhani (RJ)
Luxurious overnight trains connecting major cities to Delhi.
Most luxurious train service to operate on the general network and the fastest overnight sleeper service in India.

IR250-A1 : 17 coaches, 230kmph

b. Vande Bharat (VB)
Fastest trains to run on the general network. High speed, day time, long distance intercity trains.

ICF Train18 Gen2A 16 coach set (12 coach sets also exist), 265kmph

Siemens Velaro-D(IN) 16 coach set, 320kmph


a. NightJet (NJ)
Comfortable, fast long distance intercity sleeper trains

Siemens Vectron (WAP-8) hauled 18 coach CRF sleeper-seater set, 200kmph

b. InterCity (IC)
Comfortable, fast long distance intercity seater trains

WAP-7HS hauled 16 coach Siemens-Citrus IC2 set 16 coaches, 200kmph (230kmph design)

WAP-8 hauled 16 coach Siemens-Citrus IC2 set 16 coaches, 200kmph (230kmph design)

c. InterCity Xtraspeed (ICX)
Faster and more comfortable version of IC services

WAP-8 hauled 16 coach CRF-3A set, 230kmph


a. CityShuttle (CS)
Intercity commuter trains

12 coach 3rd gen BEML MEMU, 160kmph

6 coach Siemens Desiro ML, 160kmph

b. S-Bahn/Local trains
Regular suburban trains.
Livery is common for all systems. (Mumbai,Bengaluru,Chennai,Delhi,Kolkata etc)

(Mumbai S-Bahn Central Line ICF made EMU)

(Bengaluru S-Bahn Citrus IR150-B1 Mallige Line-L1 EMU)


All freight only passes through the DFC’s and is prohibited from the mainlines which are for passenger use only. Top speed is 130kmph and avg. speed is around 80kmph.
Locomotives used are Alstom Prima WAG-12B and ABB WAG-9HI
General freight allocation :
Single stack/Double stack containers : WAG-12B
Single stack containers : WAG-9HI
Wagons/Flatbeds : WAG-9HI/WAG-12B

Representation of freight trains on the DFC


High speed services run on dedicated corridors, operated by NHSRCL. Top speed is 350kmph and they have limited stops and are comparable to Japanese HSR.

(16 coach Citrus IR350novo HST set)

RRTS Systems

(i’ll add later)

New boarding music of orange

The HAL HF-24 and HF-73 first prototypes have rolled out of their assembly line in Nagpur. They will be used as testbeds for systems.

A Bangladesh Air Force C130J is nearing its first test flight at Cambridge after being there nearly 3 months due to a bad engine issue.

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Aero India 2023 (Asia Biggest Air Show) will be Held at Yelahanka Airforce Station, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Airshow will be hold from 13th - 17th Feb 2023…

Various Air Assets of IAF & Foreign Players will take Part & Showcase their ability.