Dumbest thing you've seen someone get triggered about

title explains itself. in this modern age where free speech is at risk with people catching butthurtitis all around the block youve probably seen someone triggered for something stupid Cough cough huff post…

Soooooo whats the stupidests (great grammar i know) thing youve seen someone get triggered at.

Saying the word black when talking about the color of a Building.

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Its african american! lol

Ok let’s see here my dad probably tops the list of things he’s gotten mad at me about.

  1. Letting my phone update itself
  2. Talking about airplanes
  3. Asking to order from a restaurant that he doesn’t want to eat at.
  4. Forgetting to take the trash out
  5. A bracket on my braces fell out even though it’s easy to repair.
  6. Getting something to eat.
  7. Infinite Flight
  8. Me flying to Montana on Infinite Flight
  9. Me installing open beta from infinite Flight
  10. My taking about infinite Flight.
  11. Catching a cold (Back before COVID-19)
  12. Taking in a package

I mentioned a statistic in my Gov class and these two girls got triggered
Then they said something and the teacher said THEY had a great point
School totally doesn’t have slanted political views

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Well, you know the imposter.


If it’s not talking badly about the 737 family or US airlines he does not want to hear it.


ya know people love to deny biology nowadays.

This is suspiciouslly specific


My dad doesn’t like Montana and he thinks that infinite Flight is somehow connected to real life or something.

I can’t tell if I should be laughing or be concerned…

I’m not really sure ether.

It wasn’t that tho
It had to do with other current events lol

Making a joke about Hong Kong during protests in the start of 2020 (hint hint: 14 year old white girls)

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A banana not being eight inches long.
The seeds in an orange.
The sky being an ugly shade of blue.
Those tiny cubed carrots in a canned chicken noodle soup.
A carrot that was not cut down the center.
Potatoes that had not been mashed.
A hamburger with no cheese (asked for a hamburger, not a cheeseburger).
Tabasco sauce being spicy.

toddlers amirite?


How dare you make a joke about another country You White Cis Straight Male! lol (jk)`

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water tasting like nothing

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WHAT?! Water tastes like water.

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it tastes like nothing!