Doors vs Wheels

So this happened.

And ongoing debate on social media has been asking this unanswerable question. Are there more doors, or are there more wheels in the world? The answer may sound simple at first to either side, but when you start thinking about it, it’s such a difficult answer.

  • Team Doors
  • Team Wheels

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I mean a normal car has 4 wheels and 4 doors. (Not including the spare and the trunk)

Team wheels though

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Your house has idk 7 doors but 0 wheels…

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Yes but there are more wheels in a car dealership
Or tire shop

Than doors

Shopping carts have wheels and no doors, bikes, skateboards, etc

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in that case there are more doors in a door store than wheels…

Idek how many doors my house has

Definitely more than 7 though

well just proves my vote :joy:

Think of how many shopping carts, bikes, scooters, motorcycles, and skateboards there are in the world though.

None of those have doors

You know what some idiot on Instagram made this up thinking about it himself and started a pointless debate :joy:

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I mean though for every house there is usually up to 1-4 cars that each person could possibly own.

Yes but the doors and wheels are typically the same amount so they cancel each other out for who has the lead

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But then you have to consider that a car has for brake discs (technically wheels) pulleys for timing belts, bearings, a steering wheel, a spare wheel, wheels for adjusting the temperature, wheels in the CD player, gears, a clutch, etc.


I have 11 my friend

Ok KNOBS are not wheels

Yup, it seems were going that way.

Do you spin a knob?

You turn it for volume
It’s not a wheel

At that logic the lids to pots and pans are doors

However, don’t forget about the much smaller doors in everyday life.

Apart from the doors to houses, rooms and vehicles, you also have doors in almost all cupboards and closets.

So the answer to this is indeed very
complex and requires a lot of thought.

How many wheels?

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Some person who couldn’t sleep and thought of this ruined the day for everyone :joy:

This’ll cause WW3
Not some conflict in Eastern Europe

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Why was this even flagged?