Cars vs. Public Transit

i dont face any of those problems while using public transport

Oh? I take it you believe that the only problem with public transit is the private car?

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i dont have to smell others while in a bus or a packed local
no one gives a shit here about what others are doing
no one has stolen anything from me in the last 3 years of me using public transit
drunk people dont board trains/buses. police take care of them

So… do other people just not take the bus?

Huh. I’ve heard that in many places it’s considered very rude to make noise on public transit.

Well that’s good. My friend got pick pocketed on the Paris metro so your argument that it’s just a US thing is bogus.

So the drunk people just think to themselves ‘oh, I’m drunk and would be a nuisance, guess I better not board this train.’? And unless the indian police can see the future or something, the only way they’d know to come and remove someone from a train would be because they’ve created a disturbance.

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big enough for us, moves 5256 people per train max (crowding, standing+sitting)

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Depends on the type of country/region. In North America, Public Transit has already been so brutalized that it’s considered more of an inconvenience than an nuisance to people.

Elsewhere, like Japan, it’s considered common courtesy and taught to children at a young age to behave and not make loud noises on public transit. It’s rare you’ll see locals make disturbances on transit.


they do

no one sweats/stinks in it
they either come from their airconditioned offices/classrooms or their cool houses and wait for 10 minutes maximum under the shade of a tree at the bus stop or inside an airconditioned shop behind the bus stop

people are generally busy listening to bhojpuri music with full bass/watching sports/listening to regular music on their headphones to be able to listen to others


at stations, rpf officers are stationed at every platform and gate and at bus stops, there are wardens who keep a watch on people


here it is “do whatever you want to until you’re told to not do it”

Paris is a mid-tier city covered by an pretty veil of the Eiffel Tower. The more you learn about the true culture, the more the Paris dream crumbles in your eyes.

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Oh yeah, I’ve heard it’s pretty bad.

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also its a punishable offence to be drunk publicly/outside your home

Yeah, imma have to call bs on that.

Ngl, sounds more like prison transport than a commute to work.

aircon, forced ventilation and open windows go brrr

it feels safer with those guys around, especially after considering 26/11 which could have been easily avoided if there were enough armed rpf personnel, bus wardens and armed police

How well is that enforced? Public intoxication is a crime in most places, yet the only way you’d get actually arrested for it would be if you create a disturbance.

Again, unless the police in india either know the future or are actively following all 1.4B of you around to make sure they you’re following the law, then it’s a reactionary police force, just like the police in every other nation.

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It’s not overnight. You can literally board a train at 09:00 in Tokyo and arrive at Nagoya in less than 2 hours.

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1000% humidity and 40°C goes brrr.

We’ve got no humidity here and you’ll still sweat if you’re outside for like 5mins on a 110° day. Humidity just makes you sweat more.

Very well
I have seen them dragging drunk people into their cars and to police stations
Never encountered an intoxicated person in public transit

They randomly conduct narco tests and breathalyzers
It has happened to me many times while I was waiting for trains and buses

I know lol
It was a completely different point

Forced ventilation devices thingys remove humidity from the air and cool it down a bit
aircon is set at 25 celsius
windows are opened if someone wants to open it

also not all of india is humid like mumbai and chennai


Cars don’t make you fat… a sedentary lifestyle in general makes you fat. If your job is sitting in an office for 9hrs a day, a 1-2mi bike ride (because you live in a city if you’re bike commuting, so you probably live near your work) isn’t going to counter that. You’ll be fitter by driving to a physical job than biking to a sedentary one.

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