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Another sporty Subaru?!?!

About $5.49 in OC right now

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Friday Rush Hour traffic today.
I guess 9 lanes on State Route 91 and 2 carpool lanes on the 5 (both each way) aren’t even enough

I’m glad I don’t live there lol. That looks miserable

Just a part of life :joy:
Overall you get to your destination only 15 minutes, to who knows how long, later depending on the distance

Could be 15 minutes. Could be 3 hours
Though not usually more than an hour and a half.


It’s 100 per liter here
Idk about gallon

100 rupees or USD?

Gas dropped to $5.09 for regular :sunglasses:

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around 1 usd

That’s cheap.
There’s about 3.75 liters per gallon. So you’re paying less than $4.00 per gallon. Which is cheap here now.

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Mind you, California “cheap”

We are around $5.00 per gallon

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damn :skull:

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1929 Lincoln Model L “Dual Cowl” lookin’ :fire:

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Looks like something Al Capone would have rode around in.

How dare you insult that car like that.

I’m still waiting for the Mid-sized Ram Truck to be released.

I meant that as a compliment.

Didn’t seem like it, not going to lie :joy:

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It’s sorta got like a '20s prohibition era mob boss luxury and prowess to it.