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whats boniare?

The place where I live.

oh lol

WRXs are pretty cool. I kinda want to get a blob-eye wrx wagon. I definitely lean more towards the “battle wagon” side of the Subie world though.

Lmfao that must suckkk what do u drive?

He can’t drive yet.

I can drive, just not legally. :laughing:

yeah okay
neva heard of a battle wagon
but i will check it out
got any pics?

Well that’s ‘can’t drive’ by most people’s standards.

hahahah noice!!! the first time i drove a manual was 4wd and the ute only had 4 gears bro

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It more just means a wagon (generally an Outback) modded for trail/offroad use.

So I’m able to start and fly a Fokker 50 and some other planes, but not drive a car?


Seriously though, I can drive better than my mom, which is good enough already, lmao.

Well, legally you can’t start a Fokker 50 or those other planes either.

There’s a difference between actually being able to do it, or legally. :rofl:

For example, some people are allowed to drive cars legally, but can’t because for some reason they’re stupid enough to crash their car 20000 times.

For example, Dutch people…

Well, yes, but the whole conversation was the legality of you driving. Yes, you could drive the same way that you could start a plane (though, sims often simplify the start up process), but legally, you couldn’t do either of those.

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But what if I were to, uhm.

Break the law? :eyes:

What “breaking” are you planning on doing?

Uhh, nothing much.

Steals an M47 Patton, while towing your Subie behind it.


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