An Exciting Time For Aviation in Barbados!

Oh U meant tourists :skull: I thought u meant population :sob:

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We’ve lost most of our cruise ships due to Covid, had a few last summer but they were not 2 popular, now we r getting a lot more this year but u guys recovers from. Rona quicker so u probably have more yeah, doesn’t mean ur better tho

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nah they just made new restrictions for all the tourists in december


we have some areas to touch up on

We just got some lifted

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Yeah, more cruise tourists than plane tourists. First time in a while since that’s happened

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the government here used to do Air to Sea so it was slightly balanced for the most part

Ours wasn’t we used to have a big amount of flights in the summer. I’ll list some route that haven’t/ will not return:

Delta: KBOS-TXKF (delta has said themselves that they won’t bring it back)

AA: JFK-BDA (hasn’t operated since March 2020 and probably won’t come back since AA seems to favor LGA now)

AA: LGA-BDA ( might come back in July I dont know yet, doubt it though)

AA: DCA-BDA (probably won’t come back)

Air Canada: YYZ-BDA (we got switched to rouge :frowning: )

Westjet: YYZ-BDA (they just stopped)

JetBlue: JFK-BDA and BOS-BDA (just announced that both routes will be seasonal for the first time ever, which sucks cause that means I’ll have to fly delta or even worse, AA, home from school)

British Airways: LGW-BDA (not canceled but more of an upgrade. When service came back in June 2020 it flew from LHR instead which is a huge upgrade as it makes flying to Asia and Africa cheaper)

AA: CHS-BDA (route CLT canceled 6 months before Covid cause it sucked but I’m putting it here anyways)

AA: MIA-BDA (not canceled but AA seems to only operate it during the summer and it used to be year round which sucks cause they want us to fly though CLT)

AA: PHL-BDA (year round to seasonal, same garbage airline)

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After all of that we gained one new route:

Azores Airlines: PDL-BDA (summer seasonal only but it started after Covid so it counts, also first new route east of bda in about 20 years

Also cargo jet upgraded forms 757-200 to a 767-200.

And of course there is always the hope that coral jet actually starts up. They’ll bring 5-10 routes to bda at least

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