American Airlines has made a smart decision

American Airlines Announces a Huge Decision with their B737 MAX 8’s

Yesterday, American Airlines announces that they will be flying 5 of their B737 MAX 8’s back and forth from Tulsa and Dallas with the Staff members onboard yesterday and today. Hence, the decision to fly these demonstration flights–both to make sure employees are comfortable with the planes, and to try to project that confidence to customers. So today, CEO Doug Parker wanted to bring the staff members of American Airlines onboard the B737 MAX to Dallas. American then plans to return the 737-MAX to its operational fleet at the end of December in a limited role, likely months ahead of its domestic competitors.

My Opinion on this

I think this is a smart move by AA. It will get the crew comfortable with the Max again while at the same time proving that it is safe to fly.

AA’s instagram post for the flight.

Here is some more info.

The 3rd one is for the flight’s that the Max did yesterday.

Yes this is a repost from the IFC. If you want the original topic click this link. It was made by @MJP_27. American Airlines has made a smart decision


Good idea

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American… smart? Nah

Lol. Yes they were smart to do this.


Should I try and spot one?

Yes. I will next time I’m in Miami.

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Yay! Can’t wait to see the MAX8 back in full service.

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Same here.

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