Remove system's "download local copies"

Sometimes @system edites messages to “download local copies” and this happens:


It automattically adds this text below the image to ALL IMAGES

is it possible for that to be removed?

Yes please.

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I think it is not, that is how Discourse works with images and gifs

Why? in the IFC that doesn’t happen

it does actually, it just doesn’t show in the edit history

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But the weird text doesnt show up

you mean the image cc?

let me try to upload an image here to see if that happens;


Thats weird, lets wait
look in older photos this texts automatically are added

This is a photo from two weeks ago:


Look @ this

That’s a GIF. Let me see about that.

I believe this is a default Discourse feature. I don’t think it can be removed. I can ask around, though.


It is happening today in off topic discussion

I don’t think this is possible as it is a discourse automatic thing. Sorry!

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This feature can be disabled. I will talk with Zac later and explain to him how to do it. Thanks all!

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