Airlines manager us edition and Canada edition

Hi everyone welcome to Airlines Manager US edition where you get to manage your airline
your airline must be a real US Airline for example Jet Blue, Alaska, United , American, Avelo, Breeze, Southwest , Frontier, Allegiant Airlines , Air Canada, West Jet, and Spirt
you can make hubs and ask other players to if their Airline wants to merge together with the other player.
you have to have a picture of your airline livery and fleet info and if you have a special livery make a picture of it.
Have fun.


this makes no ense

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Hi there!

I’m not sure the mod team really understands what you’re trying to make this here. Isn’t this just like model airliner empires? If this is something else, let us know and we can find a good way to differentiate the two!


airlines manager is basically the same thing

I’m trying to make a game similar but it’s different and it’s based on US airlines in the us and you’re in control of the airline

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Can you perhaps elaborate on what would make this different, rather than just using US airlines in that game?

This kinda seems like AM4

That’s what I tried to based it around

Ok. I love AM4. I have a second account which I’m basing off of Southwest. My main account is fake. I have made some awesome friends from there though.

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Ok do you know how to earn cash in that game?

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Yeah. :joy:
After all, my main account has been on AM4 for 7 months. :joy:

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