Airbus VS Boeing | USA Map Part 2

Airbus VS Boeing USA Map

Even though the first map just started a few hours ago, we have gotten plenty of request for an Airbus vs Boeing sequel. (Main credit to @Captain-787)

Same rules apply, please read below for the rules… And get your votes in!

Just like the election style process, you get to choose this time! You state can go Blue for Airbus or Red for Boeing. Now, you get to choose YOUR HOME STATE . If your home state is not available, choose whichever state you would like (this also applies to anyone who is international) . As you all know, first to 270 points wins! To enter your state, enter your state below, and say wither blue or read, example:

Florida, Blue

I have marked down my state, and after every state, the electoral map will be updated. If this is not finished by Friday (or announced otherwise) you can request up to 3 states that are not yours only if we are not at 270 in a timely matter. Please only request 1 for now until announced. If your state is taken, you must choose the state closest to you that is north of you. No exceptions. If the state closest to the north of you is taken, keep going north until you hit an open state. It’s all the states north of you are taken, pick the closest stay available south of you. If every state north and south of you was taken, you have the option to choose any state in the United States. Enjoy!


New York red please

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California Red

Since you’re from Brazil, you have to choose a state that starts with a B. Since there was no state that starts with a B, you have to pick any state that has the letter B in it

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Alabama/ Nebraska


Alabama then

Which one do you want? I’m assuming you want Alabama, since that has more electoral votes

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Arizona blue

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Argentina amigos


Brazilians hate argentinians.

I am on another level of hate

I love Uruguay


Uruguay is just an extension of Argentina :joy:


Did you just say half of my family is from argentina
I have never been more offended

You guys deserve to loose the Islas Malvinas


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Nevada would like Airbus please :slight_smile:



Ight’ imma just sail to Uruguay, be back in 5


California red (obviously)


ustéd és from Buenos Aires?

No hablo espanyol muy bien pero muchas personas the mi familia so de Uruguay entonces jo ablo un poco. No mucho

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This is already one of the weirdest electoral maps I’ve ever seen


Well now this is just unfair :joy: If red gets Texas they win.


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Washington, Red!

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