5 years of aviation spotting topic

Hello wonderful humans of the WFC,

So today (25/7/22) marks 5 years since I started liking aviation. Here are some key milestones along that journey bcz why not:

  • I started liking aviation on the 25th July 2017

  • My oldest surviving picture is of a KC135

  • I joined the IFC on the 21st May 2020

  • I joined the WFC on the 29th December 2021 (thx to @PlanesAndGames kinda) :eyes: , we shall get to that later

  • To this day i have flown on 7 aircraft (list in chronological order) (G-JEDM, G-FLBD, EI-GXM, EI-GSG, G-EZAU, G-EZBY, G-EZUS, G-EZUT)

Anyway shall we get to the spotting:

my oldest (surviving) picture, with a nice fence for @rolls (bottom right)

the only surviving pic from my first trip to LHR, i remember hoping for an EK A380 that day when now i know there is like 6 of them per day at LHR


back when easyjets old livery was about

red tam
this seems like a good time to tell y’all why juegos helped me join the WFC. so basically after finding this place, i saw juegos was here and immediately joined after that because i thought it was cool he was here. So thanks @PlanesAndGames :wink:


the BrUhTiSh queen

i remeber feeling so lucky i saw this herc but then realised it is always outside :rofl:
anyway its resting back in sweden now


best scheme ever

rumor has it if you see enough china southern plens, you gain lots of social credits


american anthem plays in the background


@PlanesAndGames you really think you were going to leave this topic without being annoyed? wrong. when was the last time you saw this one :troll:

anyway heres to 5 more spotting years
@Zach you are the lucky random person to be pinged for this spotting topic!!


OMGGGGG :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

searches for funniest stories of non-avgeeks on google

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also casually starts a 1700 reply PM with u

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Bruh you’re still going on about fences :sob:


yes :troll:


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whatever close enough

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imagine my first reply being a pm

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imagine your first post being a PM asking if im AvioesEJogos

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Yes you do
I have seen quite a few Chinese planes and my social credit has gone through the roof

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i knew it was true

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Proceeds to annoy you to remind you that a TAM Star Wars livery never existed.


maybe i should make one then lmfao

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Make the red R2D2. :eyes:

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nah im too lazy lmao

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Do it. Or else…


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how bout no

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wut u actually have some decent pics

My question is tho, how do u have like an exact date that you started liking aviation? Like you had no interest in it one day and suddenly woke up and was in love with it lmao?