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Hello, this is my (@Brody_Swiatek) YT channel. I’ll share latest videos and other things here. Right now my channel is small 80+ subs) but I have over 15k channel views.

My channel includes aviation news, Trip Reports, flights, and more.

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this is my new channel or something idk

metal pipe sound effect




uploading first vidoe

What is this channel about?

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Yeah what he said

aviation6 but better

Is it possible we can change the name of this? It’s not at the channel is bad, I just don’t want that number being displayed on the homepage of the WFC.

you mean the 6 and da 9?

Can we just call it Aviation5 or Aviation8 instead?


That would be fine. Not the best number in the world but that would work

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Can I make a tracking thread for my Channel too then?

Y don’t we do a WFC YT tracking thread 🤷

this is the topic about aviation420. here you will just worship metal pipe sound effect and the channél. no off-topic here.

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I don’t know what to feel about that, I’m just…so confused

this descrbies my humor

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