Your post was denied feature

So, we know of the your post was approved feature, what about a notification if it gets denied.

It shows up to a screen with the post and has a comment about why it was denied so you can see and fix it next time without spamming the mods inbox at a later time

Do you speak from experience?

Jk this is a cool feature to have actually

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I just know it happens on the IFC

As far as I’m aware there is not a plug-in for this to happen. The mod that rejected the post must send a message to the user.

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Please see the highlighted message.

Thanks, Zach!

To add-on, the way we handle improper topics is to approve it, then unlist and make it a personal message, which moderators have power to do. We can communicate in there and fix the thread with you to make sure it gets approved. However, if a Thread cannot be fixed, or if it’s too bad, we will deny it.