Your Landings

Hi everyone. As aviation enthusuasts, I would say most, if not all of us take a video when we land. I’ve been doing this tradition for I don’t know the last four years and I have a bunch. Some of my flights didn’t make the cut because the announcements were too low, but I thought this was cool.

If anyone wants to make another one of these with their own clips just like mine, I want to see what you all can do! :slight_smile:

Please note, in this video I used my videos and my videos only. Don’t make a video with other peoples landings, please only use yours.



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I remember recording a smooth landing but I deleted it then :frowning:

Airbus A330-900NEO
2 Months Old
Landing at SEA
Seat 28A
11h41 flight time
Runway 16L
Delta Airlines

uhh that’s all I have to say

also it was smoothn’t

Also sorry for the shutter clicks there was an avgeek in my seat

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