Your Infinite Flight

Hello everyone.

Infinite Flight is without a doubt, one of our favorite mobile games, we love it as much as we debate.

IF sometimes makes weird choices and I wanted to create my own list of aircraft and liveries for Infinite Flight.
I tried to be as fair as possible in my choices, in the different planes and a realistic number of liveries per plane.

Here is what I done !

Please let me know what you think about my selection ? And what would be your Infinite Flight ?


You have quite the list. Nice job!

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Aye! You got my AC A220 retro request on there! But wow, this is awesome, might wanna send it to staff :eyes:


Do I see the A330-200 and A320NEO family? :eyes:

That’s a very extensive and detailed list.

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You’ve earned the title as my favorite person on the WFC. Not only did you include one El Al aircraft, but two! Lol.


Thank you guys. No chance IF can add every liveries and aircrafts.
I hope at least they can add some original and missing airlines

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