Your Favorite Airplane In Infinite Flight?

What Is Your Favorite Plane In Infinite Flight?

You may have a favorite plane in real life, but infinite flight re-works planes at different times, and makes them better for you to fly. Which is your favorite plane to fly in the game? Why is it your favorite plane fly? Is it because you also like in real life, the graphics are better, it’s easier to butter?


I like the A350

Very butterable

Boeing 787 for sure

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The A350

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717 for sure. I like flying it KSAN-KSFO.

I don’t have pro so I am limited. Also the softest landing I have had in it was -176.

My second favorite is the A321. My softest landing in that was -159.

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lol i’ve literally used the a350 less than 5 times toal, i just don’t like it.

for me it would have to be

  1. 777-200lr
  2. 737-900er
  3. a330-300
  4. a320
  5. 737-800
  6. 777-200er
  7. a321

I have pro and my top 3 is

  1. 777-300ER (and rest of the family)
  2. 717, Fun challenge, seats and transparent windows
  3. 737 family, live cockpit and good physics.

E175 E175 E175 E175

777, A350 all the way

I dont have a favorite but I fly the C130 the most

Favorite aircraft to fly in IF is a 737 for narrow body and the 777 for wide body.

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