Your 2023 - Flights & Hotels

We hope you had an amazing 2023! Feel free to share your 2023 recap of flights below!

I’ll start.


Date Airline Flight Registration Aircraft From To
Mar 4 Spirit 657 N952NK A320neo Fort Lauderdale, FL New Orleans, LA
Mar 8 Southwest 2028 N8570W 737-800 New Orleans, LA Fort Lauderdale, FL
Jun 24 JetBlue 272 N585JB A320 Fort Lauderdale, FL New York-LaGuardia, NY
Aug 12 JetBlue 371 N607JB A320 New York-LaGuardia, NY Fort Lauderdale, FL
Nov 9 Spirit 1736 N617NK A320 Fort Lauderdale, FL Richmond, VA
Nov 11 Delta (operated by Endeavor Air) 5449 N678CA CRJ-900 Charlottesville, VA Atlanta, GA
Nov 11 Delta 1229 N6712B 757-200 Atlanta, GA Fort Lauderdale, FL
Dec 25 JetBlue 529 N554JB A320 Fort Lauderdale, FL San Diego, CA
Dec 29 JetBlue 530 N599JB A320 San Diego, CA Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hotels (before or after flying directly to them):

1 Night: Hyatt House Fort Lauderdale Airport - South & Cruise Port - Mar 3-4.
4 Nights: JW Marriott New Orleans - Mar 4-8.
2 Nights: The Draftsman, Charlottesville, University, Autograph Collection Hotel - Nov 9-11.
4 Nights: InterContinental San Diego - Dec 25-29.

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None :sob:

can relate

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Went on two flights last year

AS2185 - N634QX - E175 - Medford to Seattle

AS2269 - N620QX - E175 - Seattle to Medford

Both operated by Horizon

I’ll go find some of the photos in a bit and get the dates from them

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Feel you…


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16 flights. I ain’t listing them all out


Date Airline Flight Registration Aircraft From To
Jan 19 Southwest 2449 N484WN 737-700 San Diego, CA Sacramento, CA
Jan 22 Southwest 1149 N233LV 737-700 Sacramento, CA San Diego, CA
Apr 7 JetBlue 2120 N967JT A321 San Diego, CA Boston, MA
Apr 8 JetBlue 555 N348JB E190 (my bad) Boston, MA Washington, DC
Apr 14 JetBlue 1189 N974JT A321 New York-JFK, USA San Diego, CA
Jul 4 Korean Air 12 HL7642 747-8 Los Angeles, CA Seoul-Incheon, South Korea
Jul 6 Korean Air 621 HL7532 777-300 Seoul-Incheon, South Korea Manila, Philippines
Jul 8 Cebu Pacific 506 RP-C3265 A320 Manila, Philippines Tuguegarao, Philippines
Jul 26 Korean Air 624 HL7573 777-300 Manila, Philippines Seoul-Incheon, South Korea
Jul 27 Korean Air 17 HL7614 A380 Seoul-Incheon, South Korea Los Angeles, CA
Sep 15 Delta 1477 N312DN A321 San Diego, CA Salt Lake City, UT
Sep 15 Delta 1266 N927DZ 737-900ER Salt Lake City, UT Miami, FL
Sep 18 Delta 1267 N917DU 737-900ER Miami, FL Salt Lake City, UT
Sep 19 Delta 2630 N509DT A321neo Salt Lake City, UT San Diego, CA


4 Nights: Hilton Alexandria Mark Center - Apr 8-11
2 Nights: New York Marriott Marquis - Apr 12-13
2 Nights: The Orchard Hotel Baguio - Jul 21-22
1 Night: La Jolla Luxury Beach Resort Bataan - Jul 24
3 Nights: Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon - Sep 15-17
1 Night: Courtyard by Marriott Salt Lake Airport - Sep 18

A JetBlue E175… hmm.

You know me better, @Rolls.


You didn’t know about those?! :exploding_head:

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The effort put into even the same registration he used…

Yum Yum Chefs Kiss GIF by Nick Jonas

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My mistake, I misread it :skull:

You think it stops there? Same tail and aircraft name as well :joy:

I can tell what airport that is :slight_smile: .

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Flew to Seattle and back in June to go to Dirt Fish. Didn’t do any other flights.

Hotels was a few too many to count. Nothing fancy, usually like Microtel or Super8.

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