You can follow people?

So, i am confuwd
sp pwease expwane
Why is this implemented other than to…what exactly?

Click profile of user

Click the follow+ button

would you look at that
but why tho

When a person you follow posts, you get a notification. That way it’s easier to track their activity.

I guess.

Tracking 100

but other than that no onter reason?

Well it tells people that you love them.

if you UNfollow someone do the get a notification?

Following people is like being the government
You get notified of their every move

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Basically, it just spams your notifications box about the posts of everyone you follow.


I am more concerned that there is a hierachy of regulars?

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I guess kind of. It’s more of that there is just one person that helps lead all the regulars when we need

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Yes there is :joy:
(I’m just gonna stay here until I leave tho)

The TL3 of TL3s

so Hypothetciallyif the WFc was to go to war
The regulars would be the canons
and the CHief or regulars would comand them?

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And us mods would be the Generals sitting in the Pentagon

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Think of the normal TL3s as infantrymen and the Chief of Regulars as the General


WFC is like an onion
it has layers