World Flying Community Trivia | Are You The Smartest On The WFC?

Hello everyone! I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I’m excited to get back at it. Today, we will be kicking off a trivia game again. Please use the link below to play. The winner will receive a prize of a WFC sticker. Of course, you’re not required to accept the price if you don’t want it, but we will happily send one to you if you do. Please do not use Google to find the answer, we run on and honor code system, but we can see if you swipe out of the browser or leave the tab to go search something else. Please note, we cannot see what you were doing on your screen, all we can see is if you’ve logged in or out of the quiz. Please only take it one time. When it asks you to enter your name, please enter your WFC user name. Moderators, feel free to play! You can win the prize too! Good luck!


Some I went off of the picture and got it wrong because they look close to others :expressionless:

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That was cool!

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now what?

I have taken the lead!

I only put Stellar cause I accidentally clicked enter… anyway pretty easy quiz

Just for the record, I’m taking the quiz just for fun, but my score will not count if it’s the winter.


Ok… I did really bad. I’m good at geography. I cracked under pressure.

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Ah yes, winter

Really, why couldn’t it just be all Geography?

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lmao I tied with @PlanesAndGames and @Californian_Aviator

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I’m tied for third. Yay.

Dang this game is slow

I guess the geography unit in MUN helped

Especially since we did a unit on Uganda and Rwanda

I second guessed 50% of those :man_facepalming:

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I guessed the last one. If in doubt, choose A or D.

I’m pretty sure everyone got the Switzerland one.

I’m not even the smartest in the room when I am alone in the room so nah I am not the smartest on the WFC :skull: