World Flying Community Suspension Chart

World Flying Community Suspension Chart

After what was long-awaited, it’s finally here. It’s finished and done. This is the suspension chart. The suspension was chosen of what we think is best for each violation. The worst violation, the more time of suspension you get.

We make the suspension chart because we want to make sure that this community stay safe and civil. We know we had our rule asked, but we needed a way to judge on how long the suspensions really need it. This chart should cover almost all of the violations that will be seeing throughout the forum. If any different violation onto on this chart, the moderator that is handling the situation will decide of their own discretion what the best punishment is.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using @moderators. Enjoy and Happy Holidays all! :santa:


Thank you so much @anon94363592 for making this.

Nope, I made it. Not him… Sorry Zack, you took to long lmaooo

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Is it just me, or do I feel like I personally influenced the creation of this.

You didn’t, this has been in the works for weeks

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Oh sorry, thank you so much @CaptainZac for making this.

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Ah, that’s better lol :joy:

Lol :rofl:.

Thanks @CaptainZac for making this. Hopefully nobody will get to even number 2

Number two do be the end of the road for some of those violations :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

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Yeah that’s why I said it

“When Zac takes safety TOO FAR”


Yes, one case of homophobi will end you entire career :joy:

To be fair, a lot of these violations and punishments were based off the chart from the IFC. I didn’t copy it at all, I just use that as a guide. It’s great to compare to other communities and see how they are doing it, because clearly they’ve been doing it right

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Put the a and you get a flag

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How so? :joy:

@system would be summoned

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@CaptainZac you wrote “homophobi” on the chart instead of homophobi a so that’s what I was doing

O lol. Rip