World Flying Community Off-Topic Discussion (Part 6)

Part 6

Sometimes we need a break from sticking to the standard, topic related replies. For that reason, we have created an off-topic topic! Here, you can talk about anything, as long as it’s appropriate. Please review the topic rules below, and enjoy!

Topic Rules:

  1. Please avoid using vulgar language, hate speech, abuse, or other inappropriate content. Failure to do so will result in your reply being deleted, and further action will be taken if deemed necessary.
  2. Please avoid any political discussions. Any posts containing such will be flagged and immediately removed. Further action will be taken if deemed necessary.


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Lmaooo, you don’t win

God bless karpet


Part 5 scene 5.

And hello another part

Wheres VOC, or whatever it’s called

Dead atm

Aww nooo


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Whomst has summoned the almighty one

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My goal is to be one of the top replyers in this new thread.

Timing 100

I made it for you <3

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Aww ty lol

Sorry not sorry @Fly_If @BonaireDude

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Where’s your topic? Haha
Seems like @system beat you to it…
Better luck next time

Why your profile hidden

What? No it isn’t