World Flying Community Off-Topic Discussion (Part 17)

Yay!!! Karp!!! :star_struck:

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What is with Dutch TV and their addiction to showing those pride parades lmao.

I’d say it’s like a saltier Teriyaki sauce.

@TheGlobalAviator doesn’t that sound about right? It’s kinda of a hard taste to describe.



Oh, funny, Vegemite got created in 1922, so it’s like 100 years old now.

I’m not British/Australian. I’ve never had vegemite.



Well, unless you’re some weird human, you won’t like Vegemite, so don’t try it.

The vegemite toast was either a British or Australian thing (I think it was Australian).

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No, it’s something you put on your bread and food, lmao.

Also, you can just buy it at Walmart, but I don’t think they have either Target or Walmart in Silt, so you’ve probably never heard of those 2, so…

But yea, I do think that they have it there.

I know. Vegemite toast is like a popular Australian food or something though.

You are correct in the fact that we don’t have a Walmart or a Target, but I have heard of them and I have been to them :exploding_head:. There is a Walmart one town over from me, and a Target in the town wbere I go to school.

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It’s not called Vegemite toast, it’s Vegemite, lol.

Kinda like saying salt fries, while it’s just salt.

Lies. :tired_face: :cold_sweat:

Also, how long is the drive lol, do you have a Costco in Silt or something.

Wait, do they have silt in Silt?

Oh no, I found another :philippines: person on Discord, lmao.


Damn, I keep getting Subaru ads wth. :sob:

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I hate sunburn


Devin a few hours ago: “Yay. I’m going to the beach! :cowboy_hat_face:

Devin now: “Meanie sunburn hurt my skin, stupid sun. :rage:

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Most impressive part is he managed to get sunburn in Michigan


What about you

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What!!! I’m not milking everything… not like that… :sob:

Weak Michigan person. :rofl:

Next: Finnish person gets sunburned after swimming in a -20C lake.