World Flying Community Off-Topic Discussion (Part 16)

Nah. Rina isn’t here anyways, probably busy with school or smth.

dont remind of school pls

I have terrible grades. I wish I could just go and commit factory reset lmao.

Well, this is my second day of summer :blush:

i have good grades but i HATE homework

shut up

If you have good grades, everything will be okay.

I don’t even have summer yet. Instead I have the horrible thing called school.

Bruh other people had like three weeks of summer already

wtf bruh

so yall start in late august then

It’s America smarty, what do you think?

Yep. Late August

we start in early july and end in like mid september

I start early July and end in early August…

misha is in the thumbnail

@Zach the last part?

is that misha?

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idk lol

No of course not.