World Flying Community Off-Topic Discussion (Part 1)

Hello! Are you a fan of google?


no, not really

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thank you, what is the purpose of the forum though?

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To talk about Aviation!

We are an aviation-oriented forum that hosts the opportunity for like-minded folks to come together and talk. Topics such as this one allow for extra engagement, one that is needed, especially during these unprecedented times.

Furthermore, the WFC is a place that is dedicated to ensuring the safety of others. @moderators and @safeguarding are available nearly 24/7, allowing us to serve those in need. Our community members are another set of individuals who will do the same.

For further information, feel free to check out the post linked here . Thanks for being here!


ah okay cool, thanks, sounds like a copy of another forum or two i know

why did you delete it?

Hello @cokaren. My name is Zac, I am the lead mod and lmk if you need anything!

Yeah sure

I’ve already got Part 2 lined up. :wink:

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Oh great!

i don’t really like it here atm, deleting my messages for no reason, not a great way to sell your forum to someone new who might go on and recommend it which i won’t be doing now.

I deleted that on accident. Apologies my friend :slight_smile: they were restored

twice? and as soon as they were posted? yeah right

8D audio is trippy

We all make mistakes. My computer does that every so often. My sincere apologies

yeah okay, imma leave for a bit, bye

@cokaren please do not hesitate to reach out to me (or @moderators) if you have any concerns that you’d like to address. I’ll be around for a bit longer.

AcCiDeNtAlLy stays up till 6am