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So hi everyone!

No school tommorow.

Lucky. I have to take the PSAT tmr

I have no school Friday for Nevada Day then Tuesday for Election Day.

You already know what I’ll be doing on election day… Having a pool party

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Can I come?

yes, invitations will be sent

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Lucky. I have a Tropical storm warning. That’s why they canceled school.


I hope @CaptainZac doesn’t kill me for this :joy:

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Hi all!

hello, congrats on 3rd!

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Thanks! :yum:

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All my teachers are proctoring for the PSAT tomorrow which means i got no class

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Hey people
How’s it goin?


I survived the Tropical Storm. Happened overnight.

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From what I remember isn’t Atlanta inland?

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Atlanta be inland, but Tropical Storm can also be inland


Anyone up to formation flying in IF?

Sure! Right now?