World Flying Community Off-Topic Discussion (Part 1)

Welcome @American634 !

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Good afternoon from KSAT.

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Imagine if the IFC had an OffTopic discussion.

We would need like 50 moderators for that. They would already be on like Part 1000000.


This is incorrect. TL4, also known as Leader, is the closest you can get to moderator without being a moderator. They have some moderator actions, but are not a moderator.

Your right. Zac you should change it to the “the closest position you can be without being a leader.”

Leader isn’t moderator, instead of TL3, it should be TL4. Not instead of mod, leader.

Is it possible for there to be a theme that is inclusive of all 3 holidays?

I know that a leader is not a moderator. I know that from the GAC. That is why I think that what I said should be it. Or maybe just have it as “ the closest position you can be without being a TL4.”

I would suggest making a #features request for that.

We will not be doing that, so plz don’t waste your time

I’m perfectly happy wasting my time. I have too much time anyways

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We might be going to founders soon

@PHX_Aviation my family said the next time we fly somewhere it will be to PHX! When I go there can you planespott me? It will most likely be in 2021

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Um sir I’m gonna have to flag that

I actually did but I realized I shouldn’t have

Demotion incoming… (jk)

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Wait so @CaptainZac closed a topic created by… @CaptainZac? Okay then…Zac you have some wild ideas that is all I am going to say

Um… correct. I honestly just made it because there hasn’t been a post in one hour, so I want to get some activity back


I would have flagged it myself lol. :joy:

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