World Flying Community March Madness Bracket Challenge 2024

Hey WFC,

Just like every year, as tradition, today will begin our third or fourth (idk) annual March Madness Competition. March Madness is the series of games played by the NCAA (college sports) as a championship to see who is the best best basketball team. So, as a community of aviation nerds… this will go over well.

As always, there is 64 teams and 1 winner. Brackets are able to be filled out online. We have created a group for the WFC. The link to join is below. This competition is just a friendly competition. Whoever creates the best bracket that is closest to what ends up happening in real life will win!

Feel free to talk all about March Madness in March Madness. If you do not have access, please send a PM to @moderators. Thank you!


I put Purdue to win. BTFU BUDDY. (incoming first round exit)