World Flying Community Logo Design Challenge

WFC Logo Challenge

The WFC is always looking to get better, and we would like your help this time. Any of you can create us a new logo. A winner may or may not be chosen. We will choose a winner if we think that logo is the best for the WFC going forward. No matter what, the winner will receive one thing from the WFC store for free. The logo may or may not be applied (staff choice). Whether it is applied or not, the best logo will receive the WFC store gift. Below is the requirements for the logo:

Must have some pathing to do with aviation (image, icon, etc.)
Must have the words “World Flying Community” on it somewhere

Have fun!



I never work with logos, oof :frowning:

Plenty of experience here, what should the logo Pixels be?

1124x222 is the current size. I assume anything in that realm would be good.

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This is gonna be awesome

Remember the logo would have to be perfect in order for it to be used. There is a great possibility that we will keep our current logo.

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Not really experienced with logos (actually zero experience) but I could try something…

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I know this is most definitely not perfect but I just though of drawing some of my own ideas for fun


Is this still open? Im working on my graphic design and would love to give this a go!

It’s still open.

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