World Flying Community Livery Challenge

I got kind of bored, so I came up with an idea. If you would like to participate, go into your airplane livery editing software and make the best WFC livery plane. The best livery will be featured on our Instagram, Twitter, and throughout the site! Good luck. Leave your submissions below!

If you need help, see our Instagram page for some inspiration!


should the plane be posted here?

Yes @Infinite_Pilot1


No way Zac!!! Did you read my mind!!! Yesterday I wanted to PM you to create a livery. No kidding! :eyes:


i love how i’m the only one who posted a livery here.

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How’s it coming along @EdCruz

any app recommendations ?

Photoshop probably. It is the only one I can think of.

There is another one I saw being mentioned on the IFC but I don’t remember the name of it.


It’s completely free and is a great program


thanks :smiley:

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how to use sketchbook?

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If you have discord, DM me and I can help ya out

(My username and tag is in my profile)

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