World Flying Community & LGBTQ+ Community

And some of you may have noticed, over the past few minutes we have changed our logos on our website to incorporate the rainbow flag that is present as the LGBTQ+ logo.

The World Flying Community is proud to stand with the LGBTQ+ community. For that reason, for the majority of the month of June, we will be honoring pride month and switching our logo to incorporate the rainbow flag.

Happy pride month to everyone and we hope you have a restful and enjoyable Memorial Day, as we honor those who fought for our great nation.
:us: :rainbow_flag: :us: :rainbow_flag: :us: :rainbow_flag:

And of course, to our international friends, we hope you have a great weekend and great summer break! :slight_smile:


Nononono, imma make the new one

UK boiz: :neutral_face:

Summer? wdym summer?

I still have a month left…

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finally old logo is back

I guess this is a slay

All it shows me is a pride plane lmao, no letters at all.

(hopefully) not for long :smiling_imp:

Same lmao

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that’s because you’re seeing the small version (when the category and title are shown)

Uh, what? No, you don’t understand…


My letters are in black.

UK schools end like mid July

ok but thats winter bruh

Mine ends like early July.

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different hemisphere moment