World Flying Community Invite Giveaway

WFC Invite Giveaway

At the WFC, we are always looking into ways to expanding the community. We want you all to be able to engage more with different people. For that reason, we will have a tier list for people invited. I will keep track of your invites by doing the following

Please post below:
:world_flying: @ (the person you invited)

Here is how the award system works:

Invites Award
3 Invites WFC Sticker
7 Invites TL Promotion*
9 Invites Invite Badge (rare)
13 Invites ANYTHING From The WFC Merch Store
20 Invites TL3 or TL4 Promotion**

*You cannot be a regular to receive this
**Must be a trusted community member

(Invites from the previous invite challenge do not count)

Good luck!


So if 10 trusted TL3s get 20 invites, will they all get promotions?

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le what

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okay then tl2s

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If they manage to, then yes


I would invite @Tsumia but he asleep.

He already said no on VORG so idk

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Who shall I invite?

Do we have to send invites, or do the invitees have to become users?

They must actually sign up

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So they have to become TL0

They have to create an account

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Oh boy…here we go

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No, I just want the WFC hoodie :D.

14 invites here I come


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alright now to find 20 people to send a invite to

you should find 7 first so you can become tl3

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