World Flying Community Fantasy Football 2022

World Flying Community Fantasy Football 2022

It’s game time. That’s right! It’s time for football 2022! The American football, that is. Anyway, now that all the Europeans are gone, welcome to fantasy football! For those of you who don’t know what fantasy football is, it’s basically where you draft your own NFL team and compete against other people.

While we will have a set draft time, which you should be there for an order to get the best players, you are not required to be there, and it will auto draft your team for free with the best players available. It’s completely free to join, so even if you don’t know anything about football, we recommend that you play and have fun. If it does give you an error that the league is full, just shoot me a message and I’ll increase the size as needed. Thank you everyone, and good luck!

Please note, if you signed up and played last year, your team has been automatically re-added to the league, and you do not need to rejoin.


Time to do something I still don’t know how to do.:joy:

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The Europeans may be gone, but the Brazilians aren’t, and I’m deeply disappointed that you like this "foot"ball crap that barely even uses the foot, unlike true football which you for absolutely no reason at all call soccer.

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Bruh this again?


It won’t let me join. Says that the league is full.

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Lol, baseball is better anyways. :rofl: :moyai:


It is though. :joy:


I know. :laughing:

I have a bat too. I remember that I used to play pretty good when I was a kid. :crazy_face:


Try now :slight_smile:


actually, im not :troll:

Bring this back o life Chiefs Kingdome forever baby

Chiefs are overrated

How dare you say that

I can say what I want they just are overrated