World Flying Community 1 Year Anniversary

Happy One Year Anniversary!

Wow. 1 year.

This is an announcement I’ve been planning in my head for… a long time to say the least. So, here it is.

One year. Mind boggling to me. When I made this community back on October 25, 2020, I never expected it to still be around on October 25, 2021. Really, it’s you guys as a whole that have really brought us to this point and have let us excel as a community. 365 days, one full rotation around the sun. Just still crazy to me. Our passion of aviation enthusiast is what kept us here going all this time.

The industry has changed a lot in the last year. It has went from travel basically being nonexistent to pretty much back to normal levels. When I founded this, a lot of us were still in virtual school, or just stuck in quarantine, waiting for our next flight. The world has changed, we have changed. Everything has changed.

On a more positive note, this last year has been so amazing and seeing this community evolve has been one of the greatest life experiences I’ve had. Being able to learn more about you all, expand our knowledge on the aviation and the industry, and express our opinions has been amazing. Debates ranging from the Boeing 737 vs Airbus A320, to whether pineapple should be on pizza or not. Even though this is an aviation community, we were all still able to express our passions. Whether it has to do with buses, trains, and obviously planes, we all engage in conversations whether it was in our niche of interest or not.

Throughout today and the coming week, you’ll see so many opportunities to win prizes, play games, and engage more than ever before. You may have noticed that we have changed some of the colors on some of our themes for the one-year anniversary. This will all be changed back within a few days, but we changed the colors as a commemoration of today. Again, this really wouldn’t be possible without you guys and you guys have changed my life a lot, and we are happy to have kept you all engaged through this time.

I would like to mention a few people that have been with us through the start, and have been engaged with us for a whole year. Also, happy cake day to these people as well.


Now, before I wrap things up, there’s a few people that I do need to mention. Moderators, I love you all and you guys really keep this thing going. Without you, but there’s genuinely no community and I wouldn’t trade this team for anything. Thank you all so so much and all that you do here is so appreciated.

Lastly, one last person I need to call out. @anon94363592. Come on, I mean most of you know the story at this point and I could go on and say it but I don’t really think I need to here. Not only did you help with the founding of this and help bring it to life, but you have been there just for me all the time, when I need it. I feel comfortable messaging you about anything whenever I need and you’re always there. It really means so much. Being able to talk with you, and being able to catch up with what’s going on here, as well as the aviation world over the summer meant so much to me. Just those 10 minute conversations that we would have periodically during camp about what’s going on in the industry and here made so much of a difference to me because I finally felt connected during those times to you all. Even though I couldn’t have my phone. Really, thank you for all that you do.

So to end this off. Thank you all, happy one year, and I’m looking forward to future conservations with you all.



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mi no knos stori

Basically, 2 years ago we had played a round of golf together at camp.
We knew nothing about each other or much that we both like aviation, we just both happen to be paired together to play. Anyway, a year later we met in LYVA (after I became staff) and discovered we had played a round of golf together. Pretty random and pretty cool.






commentary 100




It’s been a wonderful year it has been on this forum. Cheers to another year! :tada::partying_face:


How times have changed since the start! Still feels like last year when Zac told me to join when I was having a TDZ interview! Wait… it was. Oh well.


It’s been an amazing year here on the forum, from the beginning in the worldflyingcommunity (who remembers that?) And here, becoming a mod and serving this brilliant place. Cheers to another year!


World Flight Community

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Congrats Zac, that’s a huge accomplishment and milestone for you and for the forum. I’m glad to have been here since the beginning. Here’s to many more years!


Don’t sugarcoat it, Zac. You did all the hard work; I was simply moral support.

Regardless of who did what, you created an outstanding forum, one full of amazing people who we all love to be around. The WFC has succeeded in ways none of us imagined, and we have you to thank for that.

Thank you for everything, truly. And thank you for allowing me to be a part of this.

To one year, and many more! :clinking_glasses:


I wonder why 70% of those people on that list havent been here in like 5 months…

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It has been an amazing year for this great community, I’m so glad to see how this grew.

Cheers to many more!

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Congrats GBKarp!

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Man. It’s already been 1 whole freaking year?! I truly have loved my time here and I hope that we can stay together and grow as time goes on. We are working our way up to 300 members which is crazy to think about. To everyone who has helped in some way or another thank you.

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Wow. That’s a scary sight. :sweat_smile:


Shush, you were never there :crazy_face:

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