Woman Caught Hiding In First Class Section of an AAL 777-200

Original Article From Simple Flying

So, this is a pretty interesting and outright stupid thing that happened today; a woman on American Airlines flight 2205 from DFW-MIA onboard a 777-200 was caught by the flight crew after hiding under the TV console of her friend’s first class seat. Her reason? You guessed it: for yOuTuBe VeIwS. The flight to Miami was already delayed by 90mins in Dallas which gave her the opportunity to go up to the first class cabin under the excuse “I’m going to go talk with my friend”. Her accomplice was indeed in first class and was the one who let her hide under her seat. The woman’s plan was to stay cramped under the TV unit for the entire 2hr 20min flight but, unfortunately for her, the plane was full and when flight attendants noticed an empty seat in economy, the asked the attention seeking person (they didn’t actually say attention seeking person, they just asked over the passenger to return to their seat) to sit back down or else they couldn’t take off. After a couple minutes, the woman tried to sneak back to the slums of economy class but was immediately caught by the flight attendants. The woman then fought (verbally) with the attendants about “this is a violation of my rights” and “I have a child at home waiting for me”, while the pilot taxied back to the gate. The police were called to escort the woman and her accomplice of the now very delayed flight but she was having none of it. Eventually the pilot came out of the flight deck and told the woman to get off of his plane this instant. She was eventually dragged off by the officers. At this point the flight was delayed 3hrs and other passengers were starting to get flustered. One man started swearing at and threatening the FAs and he too was removed from the plane by police. Flight 2205 eventually landed in Miami 3hrs 30mins late.


Interesting story. Of course it was American tho :man_facepalming:


Does this only applies to Americans or people of other countries as well like people hiding under seat?

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That is actually absurd… It is 2020 after all


This makes me question the intelligence (or lack of intelligence) of people even more.


Yup, definitely. It seems that once being popular online became peoples’ priority, all common logic went out the window. Nothing against those of you who have YT channels. I’m talking about people like this woman who are that desperate for internet fame that their willing to ruin peoples’ day for a couple clicks.

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Classic American…


So ur telling me this lady just wanted some free snacks and a comfy seat.

Do you have the YT Vid link?

I wanna see it lol

What a story lol. People at there best!

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Nah. I’m going to assume that she wasn’t able to actually get a video posted. That’s just what the SF article said.

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Really funny​:rofl::rofl:

They do be doing anything for those vids

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