Why Did the IF Devs do This?!

This could be considered a fact but anyway. I’m really happy with the update but the new Aer Lingus livery is just so cheap and corny looking. It looks too bright and he font is stretched and so wrong. I made a video of this which is linked below. Check out and compare

Infinite Flight

Real Life

Video: https://youtu.be/2rztBAXpmDQ

Don’t hate on me please. I’m just pointing this out and I respect the devs fully and great job to them for getting 20.3 ready so well!

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  1. The picture did not load

  2. I think this belongs in #uncategorized

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I notice it, but it’s still beta and they are still making fixes


Oh wow. That’s too light, maybe it will get fixed soon

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True just putting out there. I mean no harm

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I’ll see if a mod moves it and I’ll know for later. I did stick in a video and 2 photos so I thought this category would be ideal.

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Thanks @Zach for changing it. I’ll know for future.

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Settle down, let’s not dump on IF. Continue the conversation here: