Who Will Be Our Next Moderator - Voting

Congrats all the candidates for getting this far. For sure each and everyone of you are capable of being a mod, and I wish we get a positive impact out of this :slight_smile:


@Zhopkins what is the latest early time you can do? Can you do 2020-12-04T23:00:00Z?

Could 2020-12-04T23:30:00Z work?

@Captain-787 2020-12-04T23:30:00Z good?

Yeah that’s good

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What about the other two candidates though?

@GBKarp @IF787

2020-12-04T23:30:00Z is good

All right, we have three yesses… That’s the majority. It will be tonight at 2020-12-04T23:30:00Z

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Great Zac. I may or may not be getting out of school early for it. Lol


Yeah that works

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Here is the premiere. If it doesn’t load properly, on the gray screen there will be a button that says watch on YouTube, click that button and it’ll work

Can you PM me that link on the IFC?

Good luck to all!

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Thank you.

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So when will the new mod be announced?

The new mod will be announced at 2020-12-04T23:30:00Z. On a YouTube premiere on Zac’s YouTube channel.

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