Who Will Be Our Next Moderator - Voting

Who Will Be Our Next Moderator - Voting :world_flying:

Hello everyone! Today, we will be doing our second round of voting for our next moderator. The two moderators voted in the last one were already put in, so now it is time to vote again to see who will get it this time. We have pick some nominees that we think I’ve been outstanding in their performance on the community. Enjoy!

Nominee 1: @Captain-787 :world_flying:

This community member has been very responsible throughout his career on the community. He has also done many acts of responsibility while being a regular. He commonly makes fun and engaging topics as well as funny replies.

Nominee 2: @GBKarp :world_flying:

This community member is known to be one of the most active on the community. You could definitely trust on him to stay active and moderate on hours of the days he can. He is also able to make some great feature requests and I think he would be great for having some new ideas brought directly to the rest of the mods.

Nominee 3: @Zhopkins :world_flying:

Zachary is known to be, along with GBKARP, one of the most active on the community. He is able to show responsibility and leadership throughout his time here. I’m so glad I’ve got to know him, and I can definitely tell he is responsible.

Nominee 4: @IF787 :world_flying:

IF787 has grown a lot on this community in the fast few weeks, and had worked his way all the way up to a regular. He has been helpful to me when I need it, and is very active in the community itself and the off-topic discussion especially.

Voting Time :world_flying:

Who Do You Want To Be The Next Moderator?

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In order to prohibit large disputes, we will be limiting the replies on this topic to one reply per person. The rules with the replies or that no one is allowed to reply with anything about the candidates. Please be responsible with what you are replying with and think about others feelings. Please do not openly support one of the candidates in the replies, simply use replies as a place to express what you would like from the next mod.


All good choices, tough pick!


Thanks for the kind words Zac! Being nominated is an honor in and of itself. I have loved my time on the WFC and any of these candidates would make it even more enjoyable!


Thank you Zac. It is an honor to be nominated. I know that whoever wins will have gotten the community vote and that is important. It will show who the community wants in the moderator spot. No matter what the outcome I will know that the right decision was made. Thank you once again.


I honestly wasn’t expecting this, thanks for the nomination! Some great nominations and I know each of them would do their best for this community :slightly_smiling_face:


All great choices, but I know who I’m voting for!


So difficult to pick one. All are excellent candidates and they have don’t hard work for this Forum but it’s just gonna be one.


Please remember this:


All pitch perfect choices! Voting for someone was reasonably hard though…


How does one become a nominee?

One became a nominee from being active in the community, someone who people could look up to, someone who is responsible. We’re not saying that other people aren’t, but these people have gone out of their way to show outstanding performances. Keep posting and keep your activity level up and maybe you will be on the next ballot?


Voted, good luck everyone.

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Good luck y’all!!

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30 minutes to go! Get your votes in, folks.


They limit of posts has been removed. We would like all THE CONTESTANTS ONLY to post what time tonight is best for them to see the YouTube premiere of who is the winner. Please use the calendar feature (aka example: 2020-12-05T02:00:00Z
@Captain-787 @Zhopkins @GBKarp @IF787

2020-12-05T04:35:00Z Its fine if I can’t watch it live. I’m watching it ASAP though.

First of all, I would like to thank Zac for the opportunity. I would also like to thank everybody that voted, whether it was for me or one of the other three phenomenal candidates.

Best time for me is probably 2020-12-05T01:30:00Z

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Will @Zhopkins @Captain-787 be able to do 11:30?

11:30 your time?

Sorry, that is too late for me. #EastCoastGang