Who Are The Mods | A Trivia Game

Who are the moderators?

People sometimes speculate what the moderators like or what they do in their free time. This thread is a way for you to be able to have some fun with who the mods are!

Every day, a multiple choice question about the moderators will be sent out every day. If you know the answer 100%, please do not spoil it, but feel free to guess and speculate below!

Please let us know if you like things like this, and we will definitely do some more of these.

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Oooooooo interesting

Woo great

Every mod runs away

First question:

What sport does @CaptainZac play most?

(I play other sports, but this is the main one)

  • American Football
  • Soccer (Fútbol)
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Basketball

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Poll will be closed after 15 votes or so

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Swimming yes

You rich folk seem to like tennis. I’m more of a swimming person myself.


Too much jumping around the court lol
I rather play a leisure sport where I can take my time

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Tennis is sooooooooo much fun, got the chance to play in every single match for varsity!


The correct answer is indeed golf!

A new question will be posted about 7-9 hours from now.

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I beat you in golf.


visible confusion

Oh boy. I forgot a letter. I meant to say…


That makes more sense


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Yay! :joy:

makes announcement that i am better at golf than you

Lmao. Let’s play again this summer.