Which Is The Better Airport?

Ok, so before this is flagged for duplicate, let me explain that I know this topic exists:

However, this topic will be a poll topic where someone posts a poll about which is the best airport.

These polls though, will have to follow a certain topic. i.e It won’t be allowed to be a random question like:

Which airport is better: KJFK or KATL

It will follow topics such as:

parallel runways

Major airports

certain countries

aircraft at the airport

So, lets get started with this one!

  • EGCC
  • EDDF

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100% KLAX

@anon7588924 I got the poll to work then so see the new one above :grinning:

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You can do these kinds of polls in the other topic. I did see your message at the top, and I decided there is no need for this one :slight_smile: