Which A330 variant is the best?

We all know the A330 as the ultimate butter machine and one of the most popular widebody long haul jets, but there are four passenger variants, and the question is, which is your favourite? In order to help you decide there is some information about each variant here,
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In short, the -300 is more capacity-oriented, the -200 and -800 focus on range while the -900 is a balance of higher capacity and range.

The A330-300 and 200 have proved popular, while the -800 hasn’t sold well (for now). On the other hand the 900 has a lot more orders than its smaller sister, the A330-800.

The A330neo is a re-engined version of the A330ceo with other technological improvements for efficiency. It is a direct competitor to the Boeing 787-8 and 9. There is a common misconception that the A350 is direct competition to the 787, but in reality it can only really compete with the 787-10 due to its size. The A350 is actually more suited to be a 777 competitor.

Which is your favourite? Comment below!


A330 sucks
787 and 767 better


767 no butter though
And let’s try to keep this on topic!


My favourites are the A330-200 and 800, for some reason those two look especially cute

short and thicc

but cute enough


A338 has raccoon, makes it look even better

A338 only for it’s modern design.

Also raccoon mask so that’s pretty cool.

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A339 by a long shot

I’d say the -300 since I’ve been on it more times than I can count

Very good choice
That’s my favourite too

By the way, all A330s are good for the simple reasons that they are efficient and are butter machines

I personally prefer the ceos over the neos.

Great topic @TheGlobalAviator
I personally like the 200, it’s just that perfect size and look for perfection.

NEO just because everything


Ahh. I agree with you, the -800 is a close second.

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Trent 7000s :heart_eyes:

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I’d say the NEO, since it has some relaxing engines. The wings are just awsome… and of course, is a butter machine . It saves a lot of fuel too

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Yes, the neo is great
Also you are Mateo.CD on IFC? :wink:

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I was. Now my tag here is the same as in the IFC :wink:

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No plane can ever beat its butter record