What school do you do?

Its 2020 2021 and we got to school differently, how do you do it?

  • In Person
  • Remote
  • Mix (a.k.a. Hybrid)

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I’m a rolling remote the rest of the year from the looks of things

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Currently, I am all remote since our town has had a spike in cases. Once things clear up, I will resume hybrid instruction.


I wish it was all back to normal :unamused:
Totally different class schedules from usual but at least I’m in school half the week

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Technically my school is back to in person, but I was an idiot back in October when we were online and dropped 3 classes to do them online with a college called BYU. So, technically I’m still in my first semester as a sophomore, and probably wont be done until August a couple weeks before I go back as a Junior.

Same here.

Hybrid for da winnnnnn

I love hybrid because I get to do both. I like going sometimes, but a lot of the time I just like to wake up an hour or so later and go virtual

Literally went hybrid starting yesterday lol

Well, the 1st quarter was online, then 2nd was in person. And now where back to online.

Virtual, but hybrid to start in February

Remote atm but will be probably in person in February

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I’m the same as @Errigal

I did hybrid for some time and it was the only time I was happy to get to school before 7:00AM.


In person all year so far all year

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I live in the UK where it’s all a bit of a mess - so far I’ve missed…about 8 months of school, although we do have virtual school, and a lot of homework :frowning:



I hate the homework tho

SO much

I have a 5 minute presentation from memory tomorrow and I won’t study

It’s virtual school

I can remember


Just have the presentation on the computer screen

shhhhhhhhhhhh no one will know
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I maybe can do that But I ain’t sure

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Yea it’s a bit big

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