What Is Your Favourite Airline?

You already know mine :slight_smile:


If you have known me for a while, you would have known what airline I’ll stick to.


this airline is this best, there is 0 wait time, and you get to your destination never, so you can always enjoy your flight!

Just kidding, you all know what my choice airline always has worker’s strikes so you can delay your vacation :laughing:


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Well, the fact that I really only fly one airline I’d say AA but Alaska and Southwest is good as well

Qatar is the best.

Cathay is the best airline in terms of China and Chinese Special Administrative Region Airlines

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Yes. I think this airline livery is really cool

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I have a lot of airline I love

Qatar Emirates Ethian Cathay American fly Dubai China southern dhl FedEx ups Korean China eastern xiamen air British KLM Aeroflot hk express Hong Kong air Hong Kong cargo sf cargo avianca latam Hawaii airline ANA Japan airline

AA and Southwest

JetBlue because they have the nicest economy and i’m too broke to fly business





That is the best.

I might go spotting today and catch some of those

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That livery is amazing :heart_eyes:

Yes, you are correct :wink:

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Look at my profile picture.

Yep, thats my favorite airline.

Southwest isn’t bad, I flew them a few times, living in Fort Lauderdale. I have a review coming out about them most likely this Saturday on my YT


Favorite things in RWA
Favorite planes: A350-1000 and 787
Favorite Airline: Tie between American, United, Southwest, and British.
Favorite route for each airline: American: KDFW-EGLL United: KSAT-KORD Southwest: KSAT-KDAL British: EGLL-KJFK

Taken from my profile.

Best airline of course goes to the one and only jetBlue.


I also like Cathay, AA, China Eastern, China Southern, ANA, Japan Airlines and Korean Airlines but I also like Air China, Air Canada, WestJet, Aer Lingus, Delta, JetBlue, Spirit and Jet2.


United and Delta!