What is your dream job?

i don’t care if it’s weird or not.

i wanna be a v-tuber. they’re the only source for entertainment for me right now and i wanna do the same.

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I’d quite like to be a pilot like many people, but I’m not sure what I could have as a job realistically, but that wouldn’t be my dream job though.

i’m the only one with a different dream job

i hope that it won’t get closed so soon

There was an old topic but it closed for inactivity so we’re using this one until it closes for inactivity

it looks like this topic will close in 7 days if nothing is gonna happen


Yes, we chose this time as this is an aviation community, and this is the part where non aviation topics are allowed

I chose to keep your topic open instead of closing it and reopening the other. :slightly_smiling_face:

I want to become a Dermatologist

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Invite me to your mansion

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What I want = Pilot
What my parents want = Doctor.


Doesn’t every parent. And engineer too.
Exception: my parents

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your dad is a pilot right?

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IAF Fighter pilot, commercial pilot and Project Head or higher for Boeing


That would kinda be considered an Engineer

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me no dumb

my parents want me to become civil engineer
i’m fine with aeronautical engineer and MBA ( I want that in addition to CPL)

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Me: Engineer
Parents: No, engineer.

Parents: No, doctor

Me: Chef
Parents: No, lawyer

Me: Just give me something I can work with.
Parents: No, professor