What is the best of the four major sports?

Well this category exists now and it sounds cool, so let’s start another debate!

Which of these sports leagues is your favorite?

  • NFL
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NHL

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NHL change my mind


Canadians :roll_eyes:


Hockey is like soccer on Ice, so you know what I’m picking.

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proceeds to pick basketball

Where the heck is football? The real football :soccer:

Hockey FTW!

If you wanna call that a Finnish stereotype :roll_eyes:

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I liked watching hockey, baseball and basketball until my dad banned all watching of sports in our house. I’ve never really been a fan of NFL though.

NFL all the way!

Im curious as to what everyone’s favorite teams are?



#Be Loud, Wear Green, Go Stars


Everyone who voted NHL:
Say what mate?

Where’s the real football?

I get it Futball aka soccer

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Mets, Jets, and Nets. I really don’t care about hockey.

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Because many sports are overly political to the side that he doesn’t necessarily like.

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Ah ok I see

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oof that sucks

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Yankees sorry

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